Thank you for visiting, and hopefully using, the audio sharing library "LikeBeingThere". 


OK, so it doesn't sound like an audio sharing library, so what's it all about?

LikeBeingThere originated from hospital radio broadcasting in the UK, where local events - typically music concerts - were recorded, edited and then played out to the patients of the hospital radio station.  By doing this, a little of what went on in the local area was fed back to the patients, who because of where they were, were otherwise unable to attend those concerts.

Classical, rock, folk, theatrical, all forms and genre of live events were recorded live for later playout....  the intention, so to speak, was to make listening to the event in the hospital bed "like being there".


Now, let's take that concept further..... 

Why limit it to events in the local area, why not natural sounds of the environment?  Why not take the patient away from their bed and transport them to another place more relaxing; an open field in the countryside maybe, with skylarks, blackbirds and other familiar sounds?  It is a well publicised fact that recovery is aided by rest, and the noise of a hospital ward, with various alarms, bells and machines going ping, is not really conducive to rest.  More to the point they create stress, completely the opposite desired effect.

Consider further still the patients well-being and exercise? Gentle exercise is an important aid to recovery and not much of it goes on within a bed.  If a patient can just sit out for a while and follow an approved light exercise routine from their bedchair, just maybe they could feel a little more rejuvenated, without having to leave the bedside.


The list goes on I'm sure, but there is one important point not mentioned so far...  LikeBeingThere is a sharing service, that means like minded Hospital Radio Stations around the UK will be able to use the recordings free of charge, and hopefully also place recordings of their own onto this site for the benefit of others.


Thank you for your interest, use and contributions to this archive.